How do you help your kids deal with recovering from a vacation, special event, or disruption in your homeschool?

We are STILL recovering from our weekend away!  Sleep schedules are off, to-do lists creep higher every day, and patience is short.  It feels like no matter what I try to do to improve the situation that it is still a struggle.

I tried taking a day off.  We went on a nature walk.  The boys and I played fun learning games and completed crafts for poetry teatime.

Nothing seems to be able to help us shake our hangovers from a weekend away.

I keep questioning what is going on and what can I do.  I have come to the realization that there is nothing that I can do.  “It is what it is” and we need to push on.  I need to embrace the fact that recovery from our mini-vacations is going to take way longer than I thought.  Already, I am feeling better.

Sometimes, our expectations for how we think something “should” be really throw us off track.  Instead of a glorious reunion and glee at return to homeschool, we are getting on each others’ nerves and balking at homeschool work.

And that’s okay.

We will get back on track and find our way.  Homeschool joy will return once more.  Maybe shedding these expectations and “shoulds” will help?

Looking forward to checking out your homeschool-related posts!  It is times like these where I truly appreciate my homeschool friends and their inspiration!

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