I was in a frenzy this week.

A cleaning frenzy.

After a few of the boys were sick, I started cleaning-and have found myself still in a whirlwind of scrubbing, dusting, and decluttering.  As tiring as it is, all of this cleaning feels good.  Our home is in desperate need of a good purge.

It is usually about this time of year when I feel buried in piles of clutter.  Like I’m up to my eyeballs in toys, clothes, and soccer equipment.  Three non-stop months of soccer events can do that to a house.

And guess what!  The fun is only starting!  Professor is on a year-round competitive team and Captain is trying out for another one.

I should probably rephrase my previous comment:  I’m up to my eyeballs in soccer balls, cleats, and snack bags.   (You do not want to see my van!)

I am finding that I need to rework my entire cleaning schedule.  Meal planning is a must (and not something I’m very good at.)  As my boys gets older, I must adapt.

And it’s hard.  Especially with their three younger brothers that need my attention and have their own activities.

Do you ever feel like this?  Like how in the world can I begin to tackle all the things on my to-do lists for home, extracurricular activities, and family?  Oh, and let’s not forget homeschooling!

Personally, I am surviving on these three things:  God, coffee, and good friends.  God gives me patience and strength.  Coffee provides that jolt of caffeine that gets me going.  Good friends don’t judge but only listen and support.

If you have been in a similar situation, what have you done to help you and your family roll with the punches?  

And, once more, I am delighted to check out all the wonderful homeschooling related posts you all have to share!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share your bits of inspiration with all of us!


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