Get inspired for a fantastic back-to-homeschool celebration! Discover why choosing & using homeschool theme songs will help you rock your homeschool!


Theme songs are an awesome way to add excitement and fun to your homeschool.  Back-to-homeschool time doesn’t need to be stressful if you find ways to relax and enjoy those precious moments with your kids.  Learn why working with your kids to pick a homeschool theme song can be a fantastic catalyst for a successful homeschool year!

Does the thought of starting back-to-homeschool make you a tad nervous?  Are you unsure of how to make back-to-homeschool time special?  Want to create special memories for your homeschool family to remember for years to come?

If so, make sure check back to Busy Boys Brigade over the next few weeks!  (Subscribe for weekly Busy Boys Brigade Bulletins for site updates & reminders.)  I will be sharing tips on organizing your morning gathering time, as well as fun back-to-homeschool ideas.

I love to think about and plan fun ways to celebrate our homeschool.  Our homeschooling adventures have been a tremendous blessing to me as a woman, wife, and mother.  Homeschooling has stretched and pounded me like pizza dough into the woman I continue to grown into everyday.  I feel that that least I can do is find fun ways to excited the learning process that occurs in our home.

As I reflect upon our previous homeschool year and eagerly await our upcoming academic year (The nerd in my will never die!  Nothing like the smell of new pencils and notebooks!), I find myself jotting down ideas on what I can do to help our homeschool get off to a great start.

My boys and I love to listen to music and dance.  Dance parties have become part of our daily routine to destress and take brain breaks.  The addition of music into our back-to-homeschool celebration is a given!

I had another one of my “aha” moments!  You better bet the gears were turning!

Each morning during my Rock Your Homeschool! scope, my boys get out their iPads and crank up the tunes.  They have special playlists that they use to dance and have fun.  I love how it helps them release energy before our day.

Why not work with my boys to choose homeschool theme songs?  Let’s use their interests to get them excited for our homeschool year!

Why Choose Homeschool Theme Songs?

For obvious reasons, working together to choose a homeschool theme song can be super fun.  You can use this time for discussion with your kids about music plus goals and hopes for your homeschool year.  It is a fantastic opportunity to explore all types of music with your kids.

Homeschool theme songs can help solidify your homeschool vision and goals.  Music brings a fun factor to unifying these goals and dreams. Also, when you hear your homeschool theme song(s), your family have a shared symbol of your hard work.

Your homeschool theme songs can be used to announce your homeschool day.  Crank up the tunes when it is time to get started with your homeschool learning!  Watch your kids come running (and dancing!) as they gather around at the familiar beats.

Back-to-homeschool celebration with fun theme songs!  Work with your kids to select a special song (or two!) to represent your homeschool-and pump you up!

How To Pick Homeschool Theme Songs?

There are several ways that you can approach selecting your homeschool theme song(s).  A few things to consider:

  • Energy Level:  Do you and your kids need to energized in the morning?  Or do you need more of a calming song?  Maybe both?
  • Age of Kids:  If you have a large family like mine with a range of ages, you will want to steer towards age-appropriate songs.
  • Consistency:  Does your homeschool family thrive on consistency?  Pick one homeschool theme song and stick with it.  If your homeschool likes to change things up, go for it as desired.

Homeschool Theme Songs Voting Process

There are tons of combinations as far as how you can decide as a homeschool for your theme song.  You can stick with one homeschool theme song for the year.  If your family prefers to switch things up, you can change every month, week, or day!  No matter what you choose, writing down the title of the song for all to see and be aware of is helpful.

The boys and I decided that we will plan on rotating our homeschool theme songs each week.  After lengthy discussions, we decided that this option would allow us to better pick what we would need each week according to our schedules.  Also, we just love too many songs!

Once you have your homeschool theme songs picked out, jot them down in your homeschool planner.  For extra fun, encourage your kids to make posters to represent your theme songs!

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List of Possible Homeschool Theme Songs

The Kindergarten Smorgasbord shared a list of 45 Classroom Theme Songs.  Here are a few more ideas for your homeschool theme songs:

  • Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
  • Footloose (Kenny Loggins)
  • Welcome To The Jungle (Guns ‘n Roses-Coach insisted I put include this one!)
  • We Didn’t Start The Fire (Billy Joel)
  • I Gotta Feeling (The Black Eyed Peas)
  • Can’t Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake)
  • ABC (Jackson 5)
  • In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
  • Star Wars (anything!)
  • We Will Rock You (Queen)

Obviously, there are millions of songs to choose from!  Make your selections based on your family’s preferences and goals.

Another back-to-homeschool idea is to write your own homeschool theme song!
We shall look at that topic very soon!


What will you pick for homeschool theme song? Discover why selecting & using homeschool theme songs are super fun for back-to-homeschool and year-round learning excitement.